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"SpeX Yourself !" is under licence Creative Commons BY NC SA
The owner of the rights allows non-commerical use of original work
(for commercial use, contact first), and creation of derived work,
provided they follow the same licence and the author is clearly named.

All fonts, design & sounds used by SpeX Yourself !

Font SpeX : Amandine, by Philippe Blondel
Font Fistful of Sounds (1) : Nashville, by Matthew Austin Petty
Font Fistful of Sounds (2) : Playbill, by Stephenson Blake

Background Graphisme Fistful of Sounds : "Texture 8", by Tofurious

Sounds used for the album Fistful of Sounds: LOTS from Freesound :
1 - Kids with Drums :
"Electronics Sounds" by mhusinsky
4 - The Beast :
"Fire Cracking" by kingsrow
5 - Water Fairy Doll :
"Fire Cracking" by kingsrow
"Kids in Seville" by dobroide
6 - We Have Guts :
"Kids in Seville" by dobroide
"Walking in Seville" by dobroide
"Aircraft Run" by Robinhood76
"Copter" by NoiseCollector
An axe from video game Rose Online (RoseOn Axe D01)
7 - Soopahiwoz :
"From Darkness" by nathanshadow
"Computer" by h.quinius
9 - Fistful of Sounds :
"Australian Desert at Night" by kangaroovindaloo
"Wild Animals" by ariat
"Wood Floor Creaks" by keston
"LP Noise 1" by lonemonk
"Vinyl Sounds" by NoiseCollector

Sounds used for the song "Shamisen No Jutsu" :
"Binauraul Thunder A" by digifishmusic
"Anime Shing" by Syna-Max
"Atmospheres and Soundscapes 2" by ERH
And original voices from the Naruto anime.

SpeX Yourself ! © 2006-2014
Some rights reserved